“Jordan’s accent workshop was so cool! He gave me the techniques to practice on a variety of accents, and they really work!! I had a lot of fun, too!” — Kayla L.

The natives have every right to be restless

Sometimes we as Americans take our own pronunciation for granted.  We forget that native speakers of another language might have some difficulty pronouncing certain sounds which come naturally to us.

The Japanese language does not have the letter “L”, there’s no “THere” sound in German, and just try to get an Aussie to say the letter “u” without hearing that signature Aussie sound.

These are people who are trying their best to learn a new language and produce sounds that do not occur natively in their own language, so we need to have the utmost patience and compassion for these brave learners.  Let us applaud them for venturing outside of their comfort zones and trying to explore new sounds, even though they might sound funny at first.

Can you perfectly reproduce the retroflex T in Hindi, or the African clicking sound?    Do you know the difference in Chinese tones, or German umlauts?  We are all in this together, and if we make mistakes, we have already taken the first step: we tried.