“Within a week of working with Jordan I made leaps and strides in my scene work.” — Michaela M.


Whether you are an actor trying to master the subtleties of an accent, or an ESL speaker looking to be understood more easily, I will give you personalized, focused instruction you can use immediately. You’ll be amazed at how well you can reproduce an accent with the right coaching.

If you need to learn an accent quickly, private coaching is highly recommended.

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Schedule Private Sessions
Single 60-minute Session ($150)
Three 60-minute Sessions ($360)
Five 60-minute Sessions ($500)

Private lessons are by the hour, with discounts available for
multiple sessions.

Service: Individual Session

Schedule Group Session (3 or more people)
Single 60-minute Group Session ($75 per person per hour)

I also offer group classes, perfect for scene partners or friends who wish to learn the same target accent and keep each other accountable, since perfecting one’s accent requires practice and ongoing study.

Service: Group Session