“Jordan is an amazing accent coach!” — Amanda L.

My visit to Austin, Texas

Rustlin' up some BBQ in Lockhart

Rustlin’ up some BBQ in Lockhart

I got the chance to visit Austin for my birthday, and it was even better than the first time. Warm, friendly people, incredible weather, and the BBQ is unrivaled. As far as accent recording, it’s a bit tricky, since rarely will you encounter someone who is born and raised in Austin.

Between the live music scene, and the influx of cool and hip culture, there are transplants abound, though I was able to find one older gentleman who was born and raised there. We spoke in the airport before his vacation trip and the accent features were what you would expect from a General Southern accent. Breathy emphasis on the ‘wh’ words, slow, musical sentences, and the occasional y’all thrown in for good measure. I was told by some locals that while y’all is generally used for plural, only the more advanced Southerners can graduate to using the singular y’all.

Thank you Austin for having me, for your BBQ (30 miles South to Lockhart is where it’s at) and for showing this Yankee some Southern Hospitality!