“Jordan’s accent workshop was so cool! He gave me the techniques to practice on a variety of accents, and they really work!! I had a lot of fun, too!” — Kayla L.

Let the journey begin

Welcome, and thank you for visiting!  I’ve always loved accents, culture, and characters.  There was always something that felt natural and easy to me when I met someone from another country, or attempted to learn a foreign language.  As I grew up, I developed my ear and my ability to articulate.  I always prided myself on repeating a phrase a native speaker would teach me, and would not stop until it sounded authentic.  In college at Montclair State, I surrounded myself with actors and performance friends while I pursued my business and marketing degree.    They knew I could “do all these voices”, and one day it clicked.  I want to teach others to do the same.  This blog is a collection of the findings of a curious traveler who collects the flavor and melody of accents as his souvenirs.  Let’s enjoy the journey together, it’s always better with you!