“Thanks Jordan Yanco for helping me to book my 1st big TV co-star job on Dallas playing Mexican gangster.” — Dennis Dannel Jr.

Jared Leto Dallas Buyer’s Club Q&A

Last night I had the pleasure of attending a SAG Foundation screening of “Dallas Buyer’s Club”, followed by a Q&A with Jared Leto, who was nominated for a SAG Award and Golden Globe award for his portrayal of Rayon, a transgender with a constant run in her nylons.

I asked Jared to elaborate on where Rayon’s accent came from, whether it was research, or his own influences.  He said he grew up in and around Louisiana and that the memories of summers visiting his grandmother helped with the inherent melody of the accent.  He also studied the transgender voice register through interviews and that after much listening and practice, they accepted his rendition as authentic.

It’s so easy, when we step out of our comfort zones, to appear as though we are making fun of an accent, especially a transgender one, but Jared’s commitment to his character, and the countless hours of work he put into the role really shone through in this film.

He also told a story of how in one particular scene, his first take was awful.  He started panicking and sweating and didn’t think he could deliver, but then he told himself to take a breath, and remember that he did the work already.  Now he just has to let go and just BE.  The next take brought tears to the director’s eyes.

Learning an accent is hard work, but once you put in that work and time, the rewards are extremely gratifying.  Congratulations to Jared Leto on his SAG and Golden Globe nominations.