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Impromptu Group Accent Lesson on the Subway – 7/25

On my way back from my first Brooklyn Cyclones game, I overheard a group of teens talking about accents and how they could “never do them,” followed by attempts at British, Russian, and more. I subtly introduced myself as an Accent Coach, was asked if I could do any accents, and once I got a reaction from my first few, everyone gathered round and we started an impromptu group accent lesson!

First I focused on Alexis, the girl who claimed she could never do them. We did a quick Scottish accent with rising pitch and rolling ‘R’ and all the teens got to try out their best Braveheart speech. Then we did some British, Australian pin-pen merger, German vs Arnold Schwarzenegger Austrian,

subwayaccents-300x168even a short trip to Minnesota and Wisconsin. One of the girls was from Madison and she verified that “bag” does indeed sound more like “bayg.”

Everyone left with a great story to tell, but more importantly, that they absolutely can do accents.  All you need is the willingness to try, and the right coach! 😉