“Jordan creates a comfortable, safe environment in which you can explore accents.” — Teresa M.


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Happy Anniversary, Ice Hockey!

On March 3, 1875, indoor ice hockey made its public debut in Montreal, Quebec at the Victoria Skating Rink. Before its move indoors, hockey was a casual outdoor game, played on grass with a stick and a ball, and can be traced back to ancient Greece, Egypt and Persia. The game spread north to Europe, […]

Mid-Atlantic Peppered with Long Island – How Natalie Portman Became Jackie Kennedy

Natalie Portman’s new movie “Jackie” tells the story of Jacqueline Kennedy the week after JFK was assassinated. In order to capture one of the most iconic and timeless icons of the century, Portman’s Dialect Coach, Tanya Blumstein gave her a very helpful anchor for the accent. Combining the Miss Porter’s CT boarding school etiquette and […]

CC “Drunk History” contest submission 2/23

Comedy Central’s “Drunk History” is having a contest, whereby a submission could win a walk-on role in Season 3. Being a fan of the show, I loved the idea and sent one in. We were to choose from a list of characters in previous episodes, and, as the character, explain why we felt we were not […]

My visit to Austin, Texas

I got the chance to visit Austin for my birthday, and it was even better than the first time. Warm, friendly people, incredible weather, and the BBQ is unrivaled. As far as accent recording, it’s a bit tricky, since rarely will you encounter someone who is born and raised in Austin.

RIP Robin Williams (1951-2014)

I remember being 9 years old at FAO Schwarz, then in the GM building where my Mom worked, around the time “Good Morning Vietnam” was in theaters.

Impromptu Group Accent Lesson on the Subway – 7/25

On my way back from my first Brooklyn Cyclones game, I started an impromptu group accent lesson!

Jared Leto Dallas Buyer’s Club Q&A

Last night I had the pleasure of attending a SAG Foundation screening of “Dallas Buyer’s Club”, followed by a Q&A with Jared Leto, who was nominated for a SAG Award and Golden Globe award for his portrayal of Rayon, a transgender with a constant run in her nylons. I asked Jared to elaborate on where […]

The natives have every right to be restless

Sometimes we as Americans take our own pronunciation for granted.  We forget that native speakers of another language might have some difficulty pronouncing certain sounds which come naturally to us. The Japanese language does not have the letter “L”, there’s no “THere” sound in German, and just try to get an Aussie to say the […]

Kryptonian language created for Man of Steel!

http://www.rcinet.ca/en/2013/07/08/canadian-professor-created-kryptonian-language-for-man-of-steel/ Canadian professor Christine Schreyer actually created Kryptonian language for this summer’s “Man of Steel” movie!  Much like Klingon in “Star Trek”, Elven languages in “Lord of the Rings”, or Dothraki in “Game of Thrones”, these fictional languages all have a basis in the culture of the natives who dwell there.  Fishing villages have different […]

Let the journey begin

Welcome, and thank you for visiting!  I’ve always loved accents, culture, and characters.  There was always something that felt natural and easy to me when I met someone from another country, or attempted to learn a foreign language.  As I grew up, I developed my ear and my ability to articulate.  I always prided myself […]